GABAB PAM for substance use disorder

Our partner, Indivior, has licensed worldwide rights to our GABAB PAM program and is responsible for all development, manufacture and commercialization of any selected GABAB PAM drug candidates. Under the agreement, we are responsible for executing a research program funded by Indivior to discover novel drug candidates. Indivior has the right to select GABAB PAM drug candidates from our research program.

We believe that substance use disorder is an indication with a significant commercial opportunity. Existing therapies often do not provide effective control of symptoms or have side effects that discourage adherence. Subject to regulatory approval, we believe that GABAB PAM may offer an innovative and differentiated treatment approach from existing therapies and may provide benefit to patients.

We are in clinical candidate selection phase and expect IND enabling studies to be initiated in 2024. Indivior’s primary focus is substance use disorder, including alcohol use disorder.