mGlu2 NAM for mild neurocognitive disorders

mGlu2 NAM for the treatment of mild neurocognitive disorders (mNCD).

We are developing mGlu2 NAM as a novel orally available treatment for mNCD associated with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Parkinson’s disease (PD) and depressive disorders.  

mNCD most commonly occur in older adults, symptoms may include problems with complex attention, executive functioning, learning and memory, expressive and receptive language, perceptual-motor abilities, changes in behavior, and trouble performing everyday tasks 

mNCDs represent a large and growing unmet medical need and commercial opportunityFor example, none of the currently marketed drugs for AD offers patients sustained life-changing benefits and the majority of the recent approaches being developed by the pharmaceutical industry have failed. 

We are currently optimizing multiple chemical series of highly selective mGlu2 NAMs offering advanced compounds at the late stage of lead optimization.  

We believe our selective mGlu2 NAM program could be best-in-class and may offer an innovative and differentiated treatment approach from existing therapies