mGlu7 NAM for PTSD

mGlu7 NAM for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We are developing mGlu7 NAM as a novel orally available treatment to reduce fear memory in PTSD.  

PTSD is a serious anxiety disorder that can lead to intense fear and anxiety. Current medication is unspecific and ineffective, with several side effects. 

By selectively targeting mGlu7 with NAMs, the brain circuitries involved in fear and anxiety can be more precisely modulated, potentially resulting in higher efficacy and fewer side effects than current therapeutic approaches.  

We believe our mGlu7 NAM program is first-in-class and may offer an innovative and differentiated treatment approach from existing therapies.  

We are in late lead optimization and a consortium led by us has been awarded a 4.85 million grant, co-funded by the InnoSuisse – Swiss Innovation Agency and the European Union in the frame of the Eurostars Joint Program to advance the program to drug candidate stage.