Dipraglurant (Extended Release) for the treatment of non-Parkinsonian dystonia, including blepharospasm.

We are developing an extended release formulation of dipraglurant as a novel orally available mGlu5 NAM for the treatment of dystonia and have initiated a clinical program with the initial target indication of blepharospasm. 

There are many types of dystonia affecting up to 300,000 people in the United States, including blepharospasm, which is characterized by involuntary muscle contractions and spasms of the eyelid muscles resulting in sustained eyelid closure causing substantial visual disturbance or functional blindness. 

In September 2021, we started an exploratory placebo-controlled Phase 2 clinical trial in blepharospasm patients using the current immediate release formulation of dipraglurant. 

Subject to regulatory approval, we believe that dipraglurant may offer an innovative and differentiated treatment approach for multiple types of dystonia and present a significant commercial opportunity.